Have you ever felt like some kinds of life events are contagious? You’ll look around at some point and all your friends are having babies or getting married. At the moment it feels like there are lots of breakups going on. When I was out in the country last weekend my mate was telling me about a few different couples that he knows that have broken up.

I also know a few couples that seem to be going through a bit of a rough patch and it’s not fun to see. One couple that are close friends of mine recently took a bit of a break to recalibrate their relationship and evaluate where it was at and thankfully they’ve come out the other side even stronger together than before but a few others haven’t been so lucky.

I was at a friend’s birthday yesterday and a guy there has just broken up with his partner of several years and essentially he said it should have ended a couple of years ago. They were both checked out of the relationship. The hopeless romantic in me feels really sad at hearing things like that. Obviously I don’t advocate staying in a relationship that isn’t making anyone happy at all. It’s much healthier to be single and happy than together and miserable but pretending you aren’t.