As usual, I’ve got a lot of plans for this weekend. All too regularly I’ve had to postpone or cancel photo shoots because of weather and we are looking at the possibility of that happening again on Sunday. Saturday morning’s shoot should be going ahead relatively to plan. The weather is predicted to be good. Sadly the coloured smoke bombs that we had wanted to use haven’t arrived and aren’t going to in time for the shoot.

Sunday however it is predicted to be quite wet and rainy which will impact all the plans I have so far for the day. The model is planned to join my friends and I for a nude adventure to a lovely spot we had a nude picnic at last summer. The trail is quite hidden and rarely used so once we get off the main path to a much busier area, we can strip off and hike nude before relaxing in the sunshine. That’s where I was going to break away from the group and do a shoot with the model. Sadly if it’s raining the hike, picnic and shoot are all doomed.

I do love that I have friends where these kind of shenanigans are possible and that I’m finding models keen to join in. I just hope it happens.