SBS is a television channel here in Australia that has always been a bit more daring and adventurous than the commercial stations. It has a long history of showing a very diverse cultural range of shows, foreign news, foreign language movies and as a teenager it was the source of movies with a bit of nudity. That was very hit and miss at times but always fun when you saw some.

They now have an online streaming channel like most outlets these days and SBS on Demand has some fantastic content. At the moment I’ve just started watching Adam Looking for Eve, the German version of Naked Dating. In this series you even have some “celebrities” in the mix, completely nude and unlike the American version of Naked Dating there is no blurring of anything. They’ve even shown footage of one of the contestants hard in bed.

A naked dating show would most likely never happen here in Australia and if it did they would definitely blur the good stuff and certainly there would be no celebrities. Granted the “celebrities” on the German one aren’t exactly worldwide sensations or household names. Like most celebrity based reality tv shows they are C or D grade celebrities but to their credit they do get completely naked.

It seems to me that in Germany, the completely shaved look is very much in for guys and I like it. One of the celebrities is a former international tennis player Daniel who had also been on Big Brother in Germany so was no stranger to being nude on reality tv. This is him on Big Brother.