Starting a new job at the beginning of the year, saving all my holiday leave for next year and trying to maintain a schedule of shooting and releasing a download every weekend as well as doing weddings and maintaining a social life means that as we hit the home stretch of the year, I’m dying for a bit of a break.

So tomorrow night (Friday night) I’m jumping in my car and heading out to my friends’ property a few hours out of town. I will be helping with some jobs around the property while they get ready for their wedding on the property but it won’t be too strenuous and it will be a complete change of pace. There will be an abundance of fresh air and wide open space.

The boys have their own jacuzzi next to their house but they rent the “main” house out so I don’t know how much opportunity there will be for cheeky nude selfies this time but there will be some naked soaking with a drink catching up with my mate. Last time I was there I got cheeky on the sign at the front fence of the property. There’s a good chance of more photos like that, as we know I do love a nude selfie.

I’m also taking my drone out there. I’ve owned it for 6 months and never used it so it’s time to fly it and see how it goes. Lets see if I can get some good images with it and not crash it!