Do you remember at school when you had to do a group project there was always one person who did just about nothing? At work at the moment I’m part of a group working on a submission to a competition and while I know we have been busy and no one has had a lot of time, I am the only person that had brought anything to the table at all until today.

We have had a month to work on this project and we have three days left to submit and today was the first day anyone else has contributed anything.

I read a story online recently about a college situation like this where one of the girls in the group of people at university just sat on her phone texting her boyfriend when the rest of the group was working on the assignment. So as payback for doing nothing they un-shared the google drive with her for the assignment, leaving her stranded. She failed the assignment which seems perfectly fair to me if she’d done nothing.

In the situation I’m in the other people in the group admit they’ve done nothing and it’s all fine but there is one person who I don’t trust not to try and throw me and the others under the bus. She won’t get away with it but it will be interesting to see her try.