There has been a lot of discussion around relationships amongst my friends lately. A friend has broken up with her boyfriend of a couple of years and is now with someone else. Another couple of mates went on a holiday separately to give them both space to work a few things out and another friend is struggling to know where he stands in a relatively new situation.

The friend that has found herself a new man after ending a previous relationship just needed to cut her losses in the other relationship. They’d been together a couple of years and while she had known him for a decade longer than the relationship, it wasn’t healthy and he wasn’t making any effort. Instead he was draining her emotionally.

The two guys that holidayed separately have come back together and are doing really well. It helped them see what they stood to lose and work out what wasn’t making them happy. As for the guy that doesn’t know where he stands, I just don’t know what to do. I have a feeling he’s going to be hurt, not so much through the other guy doing anything wrong but I just don’t know that they are on the same page at the same time.

Chatting to a mate I haven’t seen in a while at the nude drinks last night, once again relationships came up. Now this friend is pretty fiercely independent and while not determined to be single, he is determined that a relationship is going to be right if it is going to happen. We both commented that there are too many people in relationships that aren’t happy but they’d rather be in a relationship than single, so they stay.

I am clearly no expert in the dating game and I have no answers for anyone but I know that if you aren’t happy then it needs to be fixed or abandoned.