Everyone has slightly different fetishes or things that turn them on and I would almost say that one of mine is hearing about other peoples. It’s always turned me on to see other people turned on. There are things that I would never do and things that I just do not understand how people find them sexy but by and large there is no judgement.

Tonight I saw a profile which did make me wonder, as others have, what is it about them that has led them to this? It was a young 21 year old whose profile says he’s into daddies and that he’s looking for “Burly bearded daddies” and “Being a lil’ sub bitch.” I recently posted about a question a friend had raised and maybe this guy could answer his version of the question.

I once went on a couple of dates with a guy about 12 years younger than me. That is definitely a bigger age difference than I would normally consider and after the couple of dates I did think that kind of age difference is not for me. Every single one of this guy’s boyfriends had been 15 or so years older and it did turn out he’d never had a good relationship with his father. I am definitely not saying that’s the case with all the guys into “daddies” older than them but I’d be very interested in chatting about what it is about the sub bitch/daddy dynamic that he likes.