As we all know I’m quite a fan of being nude. That comes as no surprise to anyone. I’ve just had dinner with a mate and we were talking about how liberating, comfortable and just good for the soul we both think it is to be nude amongst other nude people. Last summer I went on a hike with the Get Naked Australia gang and it was a great day. I was definitely one of the older people there which is unusual in the nude world and there were also as many women as there were men. Once again unusual, but refreshing.

On Friday night my nude mates and I are having one of our nude drinks nights at a mate’s place. People that aren’t into it can’t understand how it’s not a sexual thing but they aren’t. It’s just mates catching up, having a laugh, maybe playing beer pong or something silly and just relaxing nude.

How many of my readers are actually nudists too or are most of you just here for the photos?