There are some models that you almost have to shoot in a certain way. I was introduced to James through another photographer friend and it’s taken us a few months to get the shoot done. When we were chatting he commented that he really liked the Tribal series I’d done and wanted to do something like that. Now James does love a bit of Cosplay and I had to keep steering him away from anything too much like a “costume” and be a bit less literal with it. In the end we were both on the same page and we got him all kitted out like a nude viking.

Sometimes you can feel a photo shoot isn’t going very well and it feels sluggish and just not comfortable at all. Then there are moments when you can feel the energy working and everything is going great. That’s how it went when I got this shot of Timothy and that’s how it went with James for this shoot. At one stage he was down low almost crawling across the floor of the studio, the next he was flipping his hair around looking like he was in battle. It was great fun to shoot, if a little tough to get the timing.

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