Today was just another day, in so many ways like all the other days. I was at work. I posted to Instagram and I drank lots of coffee.

When I posted an image from my latest download “Viking” which was edited for Instagram suitability someone commented “Can we see the un-edited photo?” Firstly a complete lack of manners i.e. “please” is just annoying but that’s social media for you. Once I moved on from that there are couple of things about comments like this that drive me crazy. I get them all the time which itself is a bit tedious. I can’t, and won’t ever post full frontal shots on Instagram because it’s not allowed. There have been images of mine deleted because they show some pubic hair which apparently isn’t ok.

The other thing is that I sell these images. If I send the frontal images out to everyone that asks it diminishes the saleability of the downloads. I do post one or two on Tumblr to promote the downloads, if there is frontal at all. That to me is enough of a free sample. Most of the people that ask don’t actually ever intend to order one of the downloads but they want the free sample.

There are so many other options to see cock. Xtube, Xvideos, Pornhub, Tumblr are all full of it for free. People can’t really expect me to risk my Instagram account being banned just so they get to see another cock can they? I know I’ve been doing some erotic work but I don’t think my work is really wank material. Go to Tumblr and knock yourself out.