With a three day weekend this weekend I was had all these plans. On Saturday I had three photo shoots planned, then I was MC at the circus school’s end of term show on Saturday night. Sunday morning I had plans to do another outdoor shoot then a “gentleman caller” was due to visit and spend some quality time getting horizontal with me in the afternoon. Then on the Monday there was another group scenario to be played out.

By the end of the weekend, the only day that went to plan at all was Saturday. All the photo shoots went off without a hitch and the show went really well also. That’s it. None of the other plans for the weekend happened. The early shoot on Sunday was canned because I didn’t want the model to freeze to death and then the “gentleman caller” had a spontaneous very large night out and was in no shape for shenanigans.

Then he did that again on Sunday night so wasn’t up for the Sunday group effort and another participant got called in to work and the whole idea was scrapped. I can’t begrudge anyone their spontaneous nights out. I don’t go out all night these days but others do and it’s fun. The unplanned nights are often the best so why wouldn’t he take advantage of it?

It does mean that I had a delightfully relaxed weekend, got some photo editing done and lots of bits and pieces that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Would I have enjoyed the sex? Sure. Of course I would but sometimes these things just don’t work out as planned.