My photographic process is a varied one. Sometimes I find the model for an idea and sometimes the idea is inspired by the model. Maybe I’m thinking of the beach days to come now that the weather is (slowly) starting to warm up but I’m thinking of trying to find 3-5 models to spend a day down at the nude beach down in the National Park and photographing them throughout the day.

When we see vintage photos of service men bathing in rivers or even just old photos of nudist beaches, there is an ease and comradeship that rarely comes across in modern images. I want to capture that freedom that comes with being nude in the sunshine with friends. No cares, no self consciousness, just sunshine and relaxation.

Coordinating more than one model is difficult enough but trying to find a few, or even more, to be free on the same day and hopefully willing to be photographed full frontal so that we don’t have to worry about posing too much to preserve modesty will be a huge challenge. Anyway, that is the scenario that is on my wish list. Let’s see if we can make it happen shall we?