I can’t remember exactly when I started selling downloads on my website. The first one was “(Don’t) LOOK” featuring the gorgeous Chris. That behind the scenes video had to go on Pornhub because it was too much for my YouTube channel by a long way.

Yesterday I released the 40th download for sale! When I started I had no idea how it would go and while it’s certainly not making me rich they have developed a bit of a following which is really nice to see. For number 40 I went back through the archives and thought I’d share all the shots of Laria with you from this series. I submitted these to a website but they were turned down because their subscribers don’t “respond well to black men”. Seriously? Are we still in an age where people are still so racist that companies don’t feature people of colour? Yes.

A well known gay publication has in their list of guidelines to photographers, no black men and definitely no asians. It’s crazy.

Anyway, in this 40th download Laria is sitting around at Home looking amazing and enjoying the pleasures of his body as a naked man alone is likely to do. You should definitely check it out. All the other downloads are still for sale as well so feel free to buy all of them.