My youtube channel has taken on a life of it’s own, mostly because of one video. I’m not sure why it’s taken off recently but a few months ago I was well under 1,000 subscribers but now it’s over 2,000. All the comments are on the video of Jorge at the beach so I’m guessing that it’s been posted somewhere and it’s driving traffic. It’s weird that all these new subscribers have come along and I haven’t posted anything for months.

Even on all the photo shoots I’ve done recently I haven’t been filming because there have been so many I would just never get the chance to edit all the footage. Today I’m trying to break that bad habit. Three photo shoots back to back in the studio this morning and I’m going to try and get enough footage for a three-in-one behind the scenes video.

Let’s see how we go because it’s hard to think about photo and video and orchestrate both in a small space without losing the flow of the shoot.