When someone raises a question that really makes you think in a public forum it’s always fascinating to hear the range or responses. One of my models yesterday posed a couple of questions in his Instagram stories that were really fascinating and apparently he got a LOT of people weighing in with their opinions.

The questions were essentially, if you are a top or a bottom is it about the sensation of that role physically or is the role that you are into with that role. I went on to discuss this with a friend last night. For me my role depends on my mood but I’m very happy to say that I’m genuinely 50/50 split. A lot of people make jokes at that. Maybe this is something I should ask the guy from the orgy I went to a couple of weeks ago.

For my friend who told me last night that he’s much more of a bottom, it’s definitely about the sensation. For me, as a versatile guy, it’s mood and sensation. It’s a very personal thing being penetrated. More so than doing the fucking. There are days where I’m dying to be fucked and others where I really want to fuck but I enjoy both equally. Having said that there are days where I just don’t feel up to the vulnerability of trusting someone to fuck me.

Last year I went to a big orgy organised by a group that does it semi-regularly here in Sydney and there were a lot more guys that I’d fuck than I’d let fuck me. Does that mean it is about the role? I don’t know. Feel free to weigh in on your own experiences in the comments!