In the past I have posted about my photography wish list. That was in terms of the celebrities that I would dearly love to photograph, now including the divine Chris Hemsworth.

Since me ever getting to photograph A-list, B-list or even G-List celebrities probably isn’t likely I’m now thinking of my photography wish list in terms of the kinds of guys that I’m keen to photograph. This Saturday I’m doing three different shoots with three very different guys. Number one is a long-haired, beareded viking style muscle boy. Number 2 is a very clean cut acrobat and number three is a beautiful and booty-ful Asian muscle guy. Yes they all have muscles but three very different looks.

So who am I adding to my list? While I used to stay as far away from tattoos as possible, now I am very keen to photograph a VERY heavily tattooed guy if possible. The guy above Stephen James, is a successful fashion model who, while I think he would look so beautiful with no ink, actually carries off the super-inked look amazingly well. The other kind of guy I want to shoot is a hot, jock trans man. I’ve seen some stunning trans men online doing modelling but haven’t met any here in Sydney yet.

I’m also very sick of the lack of diversity in “gay” male photography. It’s time to mix up the colour palette, the levels of masculinity and incorporate all sorts of guys. That may well impact the sales of my pdf’s but I’d rather satisfy myself and be inclusive than stick to the same kind of guy all the time.