No, that’s not a reference to chem sex at all. Totally not my thing. Wired is the name of the new download for this week. Of course, the shoot didn’t quite turn out how I planned as the wire didn’t behave itself at all. Am I unhappy with how it went? Not in the slightest. Aaron was another new model that I’d never worked with before who turned up ready to get nude and experiment. Bless him. It turns out he’s also up for some erotic work which we will endeavour to explore soon.

I’ve got three photo shoots this Saturday in the studio and hopefully another outdoor one on the Sunday if the model is free. I’m talking to lots of guys trying to tee up photo shoots to keep up with the content for you all.

If you want to download Wired or any of the other downloads, or even buy a print, head on over to my website! There are a heap of downloads to choose from and if you want to buy all of them, feel free!