It’s weekends like the one I’ve just had that make me very, grateful for my family and our very easy dynamic. Sure, there are times we drive each other nuts but either none of us are too crazy or we are all the same brand of crazy.

Yesterday I officiated at the wedding of a woman I have known for 40 years, since we started school at the same time. Now she and her new wife are both strong women with firm ideas about what they wanted for their wedding day after 21 years together. Ultimately they got exactly what they wanted. The mother of one of the brides is also a wedding celebrant and firstly was pissed off that she wasn’t doing the ceremony. Secondly she wasn’t happy that they had opted for a very, very short ceremony with just about the bare minimum to it.

She took me aside twice before the ceremony to change the placement of things and to get me to try and talk them into doing things a bit differently.

The poor father of the same bride didn’t come to her wedding because he’s still not able to be in the same room as her mother after 25+ years of being divorced from her and he hasn’t spoken to the bride’s brother in 20 years. So you could say there are tensions in the family dynamic. It’s just a shame that people can’t put those aside for a special occasion.