Today I had a discussion with a guy that I know through a nudist group. It was a very wide ranging conversation that covered a lot of bases. At one point we were talking about a guy that was at one of the group events. I follow this guy on Instagram and have only met him once so I genuinely cannot say that I know him but his Instagram has changed lately. There are no more cheeky nude selfies at waterfalls etc like there used to be. The change seems to have coincided with a new girlfriend that he has.

The guy I was chatting to (not the guy with the girlfriend) said that the girlfriend isn’t into social nudity and he’s not sure how comfortable she is with the idea at all. It would be really sad if this guy wasn’t allowed to get nude or was giving it up for his new girlfriend. Sure, relationships are about compromise but this guy loved being nude in nature alone or with friends both male and female. If a partner is asking you to give up something you really love then in my opinion they are not the person for you.

My last boyfriend (a million years ago) couldn’t get his head around social nudity and the fact that it doesn’t equal sex. I think it contributed a lot to our breakup. To his credit he never asked me not to go to nude beaches or hang out nude with friends when we had a nude drinks or something but it really freaked him out.

To my nudist readers, how much would you compromise for a relationship? How much HAVE you compromised?