It seems that today was the day for very sexual conversations over social media. I’ve had conversations with at least three people that were very sexual in nature today with some images being swapped and lots of chats about shenanigans both real and fantasy. Yes I was at work which is what made it dangerous.

There have been other days in the past with a similar tone and on those days I’ve been caught out wearing the wrong trousers. When you get turned on as a man there are some obvious signs. A boner can be rectified with some patience and stopping the sexy talk but precum that soaks through underwear onto light coloured trousers is VERY obvious and difficult to get rid of.

Thankfully today I was wearing dark jeans because it would have been a problem. With the release of “Pervert” on Sunday evening and then posting it here and promoting it on Instagram (very censored) it seems I’m attracting guys who want to pose for me in an erotic way. Many years ago I struggled to find models at all, willing to pose nude but very very rarely did anyone pose frontal. Now that I’ve found some to go frontal, more are seeing how I’m doing it and putting their hands up to take their pants down. The same seems to be true for erotic too. You do a few shoots with boners or sexual activity and guys are now volunteering. I love it.

If you’d asked me five years ago if I was even interested in shooting a guy fucking a stuffed panda I would have said no way but here we are. Things evolve and change. I’d get bored if I shot the same thing all the time.