Have you ever noticed that anyone who isn’t as adventurous as you is labelled uptight but anyone into more than you are gets labelled a “pervert”?

The internet has made it increasingly easy for people to find like-minded people into the same kink as them, no matter how benign or wild. A greater capacity for consenting adults to explore their fetishes is a great thing, no matter how weird it might be for those not quite as adventurous.

A while back I had an idea for a photo shoot and a model lined up to do it but sadly that model had to pull out for one reason or another. Shortly after this guy put his hand up to model for me. With his big bushy beard he’s not really my typical model type but when someone is willing to model with very few limits, in a shoot that just about everyone else would baulk at, you don’t say no.

Now let me clarify in this post that fucking stuffed toys is not something I’m into but it lent itself well to a bonkers photo shoot where most other kinks veered too closely to actual porn. If you want to see what else the model got up to in this photographic exploration into the world of fetish and kink, you’re going to have to buy the download. Obviously it does contain full frontal imagery and actual sexual activity. Enjoy!