According to all the weather reports here in Sydney for the last week, we are pretty much officially done with cold weather. The forecast says we are going to have record temperatures until the end of the year and through Summer. This is a challenging thing for me. On a global scale it terrifies me that we are constantly breaking weather records. Right now in Asia and the U.S. there are enormous hurricanes/cyclones causing destruction and here in Australia, my entire state is being classed as drought affected. Climate change deniers will say this is a natural cycle but even if that is the case, we can’t survive much more extreme changes in weather. Farmers won’t be able to grow the food we need, there will be no water and the planet won’t sustain life. Stephen Hawking predicted that the planet won’t sustain life in less than 50 years.

On a personal level, I LOVE warm weather. My mood lifts when I am warm and wearing less clothing. I can’t wait to get back out in the sunshine, lie naked on beaches, go on hikes with mates to find quiet riversides to frolic nude in the sun and the water. This is a controversial statement given Australia’s rates of skin cancer but I feel so much healthier with a tan. It’s been standard for me to be in the sun since I was a little kid. The damage is done for me and I know I’ll look like leather but I just love being tanned, from head to toe. None of these pesky tanlines for me.