The orgy (5 guys) I went to last night was everything I needed it to be and nothing I was afraid of so it worked out just great. There will be no specifics given of who did what to whom etc but you can guarantee there were 5 contented guys at the end of it.

A few months ago I wrote about Big Dick Energy. You can read that post here. Essentially it is the quiet confidence that comes with a guy knowing he has a big cock. There’s no need to shout. He knows. Last night I think I saw the opposite.

We had a bit of a WhatsApp chat going before the day so that people could see who they were going to be meeting etc. One of the guys who is a total top was very vocal about how he likes to pound an ass and he’s quite a dominant guy in bed. He’d also said that he had a bigger dick than one of the other guys. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the talk might be compensating.

He wasn’t a micro penis in any way shape or form but to say he had a bigger dick than the other guy he was talking about was rubbish. It was slightly thicker yes but noticeably shorter. He also stayed in his jock strap and t-shirt the whole time while the rest of us were naked. All the alpha talk was clearly making up for a guy who likely has some body issues and probably a bit concerned about the size of his cock. Neither of those concerns were necessary.

Sure he wasn’t a Men’s Health kinda body, but none of us were. He also doesn’t have a tiny cock. It’s a pretty standard cock. In the gay world we are so bombarded with images of porn stars and models that make us feel inadequate for our body or endowment. It’s a shame that we let that override our ability to let go and get right into a moment like last night.