The colour blue. It’s said to be calming but when we are feeling blue, we aren’t calm at all. We are sad. We are melancholy. Sometimes the fight leaves it’s marks. It can stain you and be there as a permanent reminder. That’s what I am trying to embody in this series. 

I had a model pull out for quite a different shoot so I had time booked in a studio that I needed to fill. Clinton here put his hand up to do a shoot and I had the blue powder ready to go from the dancer shoot. Clinton turned up and like most of my shoots it was a fairly quick shoot. An hour and we’d had him dusted then shot, oiled then shot and cleaned up ready to go home and shower the rest of the blue stain off. Fingers crossed he got it all off.

Last time I photographed Clinton he had just started seeing someone and wasn’t interested in doing frontal for fear of upsetting the boyfriend. Now he’s single and really doesn’t care. At the end of the shoot he asked if there was anything else I wanted. If you don’t ask you don’t get so I suggested some shots erect and he was up for it. You’ll have to buy the download to see those shots but the shot on the far left above gives you a good impression.

The download is available now in my online shop, as are all the other issues that have been released before now.