Every article you read online about Instagram and building a following, using it for marketing and just maintaining your “brand” tells you to be consistent with your feed. For some time I’ve been trying to post a few times a week at the same time of the day and I try and keep my feed clean by posting three images from the same series or shoot during a particular week so that every third post, there is a neat row of images.

In the past few weeks I’m not sure if I’ve been caught up in some algorithm clean up or there is someone being a vindictive asshole and reporting my images but now there have been about 10-12 images from all different series that have been deleted and my carefully crafted feed looks like a mess. Is it crucial? No. Will I die? No but my god it’s frustrating.

I’m very careful to post images that I don’t believe violate Instagram’s terms. God knows there are people posting worse than I post. Just in the last ten minutes I’ve seen a (lovely) pair of testicles hanging very clearly down between a pair of legs.

If someone is posting porn on Instagram or images that blatantly violate their terms, I understand reporting them but as I said, I try very hard not to break the rules. If someone is deliberately reporting my images why not just unfollow my page?