The phrase “just because you can” works in two ways in my opinion. It can be an answer to the question to “why would I do that?” For instance I’m assuming most men masturbate just because they can and it feels good. It also works at the start of a sentence. “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”

This one is a very common thought of mine when it comes to photography. There is a photographer who is well regarded for his underwater photography and to be honest, 7-8 out of 10 shots that he shares online I don’t really care for. They look more like outtakes for me. Underwater photography is a very difficult medium and his technical work is great but I don’t think enough attention is paid to the position of the model etc. If you are going to embark on the challenge, do it right.

As a contrast to that, I’ve recently discovered the work of @followfelipe on Instagram. Most of his underwater photography is of his beautiful boyfriend @followandriy and there is a lot of attention paid not only to exposure and colour, but to the poses of his mode/boyfriend. Essentially a lot of photographers aren’t paying enough attention to culling shots. They want to share as many as possible from a shoot but sometimes that includes awkward facial expressions or poses. Don’t do it. Just because you can post it doesn’t mean you should. Actually that comment holds for a lot of photography.

Please excuse the arrows etc on the images above. I had to take screen shots of the images from Instagram.