This afternoon I’ve just done two photo shoots in a studio. Firstly let me say I really miss the studio at my old job with it’s enormous space and great equipment. Nowadays I’m hiring a small studio with old equipment but at least it’s at a reasonable price and I’m getting some results from it.

Today I really wanted to do a behind the scenes video for the day and I did record some footage but it’s very hard to do the right kind of footage when it’s just me. I need to make more of a concerted effort. I’ve done it in the past and it’s done well. The video of Jorge’s beach shoot was just me and it’s had a ridiculous number of views on Youtube with over 255,000 views which has gone up 80,000 in a matter of weeks. It must have been shared somewhere without me knowing about it because that’s crazy. So I know I can get decent video footage without a friend tagging along to film but it definitely takes a lot more effort.

Anyway, today’s shoots went very well and I think I got some great results. One model was someone I’d worked with before, the other was a new model to appear in front of my camera. Both shoots were fun and quite random. Because I’ve pretty much exhausted my back catalogue for downloads, you’ll be seeing them pretty soon.