Catching up with other photographers and models is always fun. Last night I was lucky enough to catch up with Andrew who was in town from Melbourne as well as David that I’ve also been lucky enough to work with twice.

Obviously, talk turned to shoots we’ve worked on and people we know. I was talking about how I’d heard from sources that there are a couple of Sydney photographers that don’t like my work or have bad mouthed me to models or other people. The first one I heard about I was a bit upset about. I’d met this photographer several years ago and thought we got on quite well, but apparently he hates my photography. Being completely fair I heard this from a very random source who did seem to thrive on the gossip situation.

The other one was in response to a model that I’d photographed full frontal but didn’t do frontal for this other photographer. He said to the model “Why the hell did you pose frontal for him and not me, his work is shit.” Or words to that effect. Now I don’t know that photographer and while I don’t agree that my work is shit I read a quote last year some time that I try to think of in times like this. “Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.” I like it. If someone I don’t know doesn’t like my work, does it affect me? Nope. I just have to try and keep doing my own thing to please myself.