It wasn’t so long ago at all (last week) that I posted wondering how the people that have achieved great things in the gym but don’t love working out found the discipline to do it. Today was a reminder of the kind of thing that gets me to the gym.

It cannot just be me that has regular gym crushes. There is a guy that is working out at my gym a fair bit lately who is just gorgeous and he is obviously very self motivated. He trains hard. HARD. A couple of days ago he was doing sled pushes and lunge walks and all sorts of things. Today he was mixing up kettlebell swings, pushups and hella fast sprints on the treadmill.

Now, let’s just be clear that I have a serious crush on him so that means he is at the very least straight. At most, straight, emotionally crippled, in a relationship and lives somewhere a long way away. Does that matter? No. He’s incredibly easy to look at and in the gym he inspires me so that is a great thing. This morning he was in the locker room as I was leaving but sadly I didn’t see him get undressed and I couldn’t loiter without it being seriously obvious.

Fingers crossed he keeps coming. He disappeared for a few weeks but by god it’s nice to have him back.