It’s far from unusual for me to get people asking for the frontal shots of models that I’ve posted on Instagram or complaining on a youtube video that I haven’t shown the guy’s cock. Frustrating, but not unusual. On one comment recently when someone asked why I don’t post them I replied because you can’t on Instagram/Youtube and I don’t make porn. I have dabbled in erotic photography as we all know and I like the challenge of it but I’ve said that I have no real interest in making porn.

Yesterday I was approached by a model I’ve shared recently to ask if I would be interested in filming some porn. He wants to make some videos and his flatmate builds websites and they’ve decided that they want to make some money by making porn. Firstly there is a lot of competition out there in the world of porn and secondly I’m not entirely sure I want to do it.

Sure it will be hot as hell to watch him and some other guy suck and fuck but like any photo shoot it will be work and while I’d no doubt be turned on, it’s not like I’ll be able to act on any urges. If I did decide to do it I don’t think I’d really want it associated with my general photography “brand”. Shooting nudes and even erotic is one thing, but porn is quite different. I may decide that it’s not an issue at all and put it all in together but for me, right now, not so much. Let’s see what happens. Quite often discussions like this never amount to anything.