It feels a little bit mean to ask a model to get nude in winter for photographs but when you are away on a nude weekend with a bunch of guys and one of them is keen to do a shoot, why would I say no? Tommo is a long term nudist and organised the weekend away. We were blessed with a predicted warm Saturday so we got up early and walked to the nudist beach that we were going to be at later in the day anyway.

Sure, the sand was really cold from a cold night, yet to be warmed by the sun but Tommo is a tough guy, as you can see in the images and, even though he had never done a photo shoot before, he got right into the spirit of things.

We are blessed here in Australia with comparatively mild Winters and later that day we had 24 degree celsius sunshine to bask in while seeing whales jumping in the distance. Beautiful.

“Early Morning” is this week’s download now available at my shop, along with all the other downloads already released. Trust me, it’s worth it. It’s not often you get permission to look at a married man running around nude in the sunshine.