My 45th birthday is looming. In 42 days I will be precisely in my mid-forties and about as middle aged as you get. That’s not a term I had contemplated ever using to describe myself but here we are. Since moving in to my new apartment I’ve been working on forming new habits. For years the floor of my bedroom has been rarely sighted for all the clothes, bags, socks and randomness covering it, now there is clear floor and a made bed every day. I hang my jackets up when I take them off instead of draping them on a chair etc.

So I have 42 days to get myself to a position where I’m feeling good/better about my body and how it’s feeling as well as looking. As soon as I’ve finished writing this post I’m writing a message to a guy I’ve met through friends who has offered to give me a program. He’s a very well regarded strength and conditioning coach.

He doesn’t just do one style of training like a lot of Personal Trainers out there, so I’m going to outline what I want to achieve and where I usually struggle or fail with my training and he’ll give me a program that will suit me. Fingers crossed I enjoy it and start feeling great.

My aim is to feel really good at my birthday and if I happen to look better too, then that’s a pretty good bonus.