There are times when you have a crush on someone and you just want to hear that they are flawed in some way to try and bring your expectations back down to earth. Then there are other times when you find out they have an extra talent and it makes them even more attractive.

All the way back in 2009 I did a blog post about the delicious Chris Fawcett. A NYC based model with features so chiselled you could hurt yourself, he’s long been a model crush and photography wish list person for me. Well through the wonders of Instagram I found out a few months back that he’s the font man for a band called The More and a few weeks ago they released their debut single. Chris has a voice that is just pure sexual honey for the ears. Not sure it that even makes sense but it’s how I feel about it.

On Friday they released the video for Night Child and like most bands just starting out they didn’t have a lot of budget for it. There are perks to living in a city like NYC and being no-doubt surrounded by talented fellow creatives. You can pull together a music video with a beautifully executed simple concept fairly cheaply. Obviously having a lead singer with a lot of experience in front of a camera, who looks the way Chris does only helps bring it all together.