It’s no surprise to anyone that has read this blog for a while that I have a somewhat tortured relationship with my body, or more precisely my body image. With just a matter of weeks until I turn 45 it seems to be getting worse. Like everyone, as I age my body hangs on to aches and pains longer than it used to, the same way it does with the delicious foods that it used to burn off with ease.

It could be that I’m frustrated with the lack of warm weather at the moment but I’m struggling with motivation for working out. That is also a common theme here on the blog. I’ve run fitness challenges and barely changed a thing. Even many years ago when I did a shoot in front of the camera for AussieBum I didn’t train properly and as a result I wasn’t happy with the shots.

There are a million guys out there constantly working out and showing amazing results but the vast majority of those guys are the kind of guys that genuinely love working out and have the discipline to watch what they eat as well. I am curious about the guys that struggle but still manage to do it. How do they do it? What tips do they have for finding motivation and discipline? There have to be some of them out there. I’ve proven time and time again that my vanity doesn’t seem to be enough of a motivation for me.