The Naked Werewolves have made a few appearances on this blog and just before the start of 2018 we had Wolffest #1 at River Island nude camping. The vlog I did of that is below. It was a smallish group of about 10 of us camping naked, swimming, going for hikes and even nude slack-lining.

This weekend is Wolffest #2. Given it is still Winter here in Australia we aren’t camping this time. Instead we have hired a couple of cabins a few hours north of Sydney right near a nude beach. Fingers crossed we have some more of the beautiful weather we had yesterday and on Saturday where it should be very comfortable to be nude in the sunshine.

I think this time around we have a few more than last time and it should be a lot of fun as long as everyone is there with the right intentions and a fun sense of adventure. I’m considering this a little mini holiday since I’m not really taking any full holidays this year, saving them all for my intended European naked adventure next year.

As much as I love Sydney and being in a bustling city, it’s important to get out of the city from time to time and I’m challenging myself to do things where I meet new people. Last weekend was a birthday party with a work colleague. This weekend at least I know all the guys will be into being nude and I assume most of them are gay so there is a slight chance of meeting someone. Slight.