It’s been several weeks since I did a photo shoot and I’ve just about exhausted my list of downloads that were prepared before I moved to my sister’s house. So this weekend I am picking up the camera again.

It’s been quite nice to have a break but I’m looking forward to getting back into it. This weekend I’m going away for a weekend with the Naked Werewolves Instagram group and I’ve organised with one of the guy to do a shoot. He’s a very sexy beefy guy. The shots are quite likely to be anonymous but he’s happy to be nude and do full frontal.

I’m obviously putting the vibes out there in the world that I’m getting back up to speed. I’ve had two models that I’ve worked with before get in touch today to organise shoots in the near future and yesterday a guy that I’ve photographed before and ran into on the nude beach over the weekend agreed to another shoot. 

Fingers crossed you all enjoy the results.