I’ve photographed Jorge three times now, the most recent time being early this year. It was possibly my least successful shoot with him. Nothing to do with Jorge. He always turns up looking amazing with a great attitude. I was just off my game a bit that morning.

It’s no surprise that the latest download “Woodland” has already sold relatively well. Jorge is very popular with my Instagram followers and his the behind the scenes video of his first shoot has over 117,000 views on YouTube. Amazing. For some reason in the past few months my youtube channel has just been gathering subscribers, now sitting at just over 1,200 subscribers. I haven’t uploaded anything in months, but I plan to do more.

I’d love to work with him again and I know you all like seeing him. Most of you want to see all of him but Jorge doesn’t do full frontal so you’ll have to put up with the rest of his spectacular body.

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