I know I complain about Winter and being cold. This winter here in Sydney has been pretty amazingly mild. July was one of the warmest July’s in decades. Summer is my happy place and last summer was long and glorious, pretty much lasting all the way through our official Autumn.

It’s not unheard of to get a few random beach weather days in August here in Sydney even though it is still technically winter and yesterday we had one. The whole week was pretty mild but yesterday got to 25 degrees celsius (77F) so a mate and I took off down into the National Park to the nude beach down there for the day. It was beautiful. The beach was surprisingly quiet but there were still some hotties to look at but with lots of space and blue sky to enjoy.

Today the temperature has dropped back to a more normal temperature for this time of year, 14 degrees celsius (57F) so it’s quite a change but still sunny out there. It makes me feel even more grateful that we got to be naked in the sunshine for a few hours yesterday, get some fresh air and exercise. Fingers crossed to lots of great naked adventures and a long summer ahead.