Getting a number of gay men together to hang out nude is always a tricky thing. Back in the early days of my friends and I having nude drinks there were times when it got sexual even though that wasn’t the aim. Now we’ve settled into a groove with the right bunch of guys who know what it’s about and we are all friends anyway so for most of us those lines don’t get crossed.

If the mood is right, the crowd is right and everyone is on board the sure, sex is great and even sex with the right friends is great but you do need to “read the room”.

Next weekend I’m heading away for a weekend with a group of guys from the Naked Werewolves Instagram page. The guys that run the page are adamant that the weekend isn’t about hooking up but if you do, do it discreetly and appropriately. One of the guys who is coming has allegedly said that he loves masturbating and no one can tell him he can’t do it, whenever and wherever he likes.

Guess what buddy? You’ll have a bunch of guys telling you to stop, get dressed and go home. I am not one of those people that subscribes to the notion that “we are all gay men, don’t be uptight and just have some fun.” No. There are appropriate and inappropriate times and places for a good old wank, and over dinner with a bunch of people not interested is NOT the time.

Fingers crossed whoever he is, he behaves himself and enjoys the weekend for what it is.