The search for social media fame and approval has become so formulaic that you can now predict what photos you will find on a popular Instagram page or sequences you’ll see on a popular Youtube page, especially in the realm of travel “influencers”.

This article that I saw the other day grouped together collections of all the Instagram cliches. It’s almost become like a game of Instagram Bingo. Feet dangling off a cliff over a river, tick. Girl in hat looking towards sunset, tick. Edge of infinity pool, tick.

I would actually add another one to the mix for the gays. A group of muscle guys in expensive speedos at a pool party holding a cocktail, tick. Funny thing is the caption is usually something like “best day ever” but no one is smiling because that causes wrinkles. It kinda terrifies me. Can’t we find our own adventures? Take a photo from a different angle? I know Instagram is rarely reality but shouldn’t it have a bit more variety?