A good night’s sleep is always a very enjoyable thing. If only we could go back and tell our younger selves as children that they should embrace all the naps they are told to have rather than fighting it. As adults there are rarely enough opportunities for delicious naps. The other day, even after a good night’s sleep I was feeling tired and I wondered if this was my new normal.

Thankfully not. Being in the new place is proving good for sleeping at night. Quiet, comfortable and content. One thing that I have become very aware of over the years is that if my body temperature isn’t right, if I’m too warm particularly I will have some pretty amazing dreams. Amazingly weird sometimes.

After complaining about the freezing temperatures in my sister’s house the new place is really lovely and warm. On the weekend I had a pretty vivid dream that was definitely weird because it was a situation that I’ll never find myself in but it was awesome because I was hanging out with Chris Evans. Yep, Captain America himself. We were hanging out on a movie set that we were both acting in. I told you it was weird.

Apart from being quite happy to be hanging out with Chris for very obvious visual reasons, in the dream he was also as lovely as you’d hope, but I was very concerned about my own physical appearance doing shirtless scenes and standing next to him. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how it all turned out because I woke up but let’s just assume the movie was awesome and Chris and I became firm friends for life. Let’s just assume that. Please.