Do you ever look at your Facebook feed and think “seriously?” That’s probably an overwhelming yes on many many levels for a lot of us so I’ll clarify. In the past few months it feels like I’ve seen every single person I’ve ever gone on a date with or had a crush on has found the “love of their life” and they are getting married, moving in together or getting a goddam puppy.

Then there are the people who have been in long term relationships that have ended but they’ve gone on to find a new love within 6 months or so and it’s going brilliantly.

Trying not to be cynical or jaded but I’m over here thinking “when the fuck do I get a turn?” To borrow a line from the beautiful gay coming of age moving Love, Simon “I deserve a great love story” but I’m very much doubting it will ever happen. I’m trying to stay positive and I’m just getting on with enjoying my life but there are days when I just want to reach through Instagram and slap a couple upside the head.

A good friend asked me a couple of weeks ago if I’d been on any dates lately and I honestly can’t remember when I last went on a real date. That’s a bit fucking depressing.