It’s been a long busy weekend but my god I’ve been adulting so hard. Yesterday and today I’ve been setting up flatpack furniture that I needed to get set up. Word of advice. Don’t buy furniture from Kmart. It’s dirt cheap and barely worth that money. A small bedside table with drawers that I bought wouldn’t actually go together. So I smashed it to vent my frustration.

A trip to Ikea this morning sorted out just about everything I needed. Although I’ve now bought two packets of light globes and neither of them fit the lamp that I have bought for my bedroom. So there have been frustrations.

All the frustrations are more than balanced out by how nice it feels here and sitting on the living room floor naked putting together furniture listening to good music is a definite plus. The apartment also gets beautiful sunshine so it’s delightfully warm, even nude in winter.

Tonight I also fulfilled a friend’s wish by opening the blinds and standing there nude so that he could finally see someone nude in the apartments. I see it as a community service. It’s unlikely that he will be the only one who sees me nude in the apartment from the street.