I may have given my old housemate notice 11 weeks ago and had to stay at my sister’s place for 5 weeks but it has finally happened. I’m in the new apartment and 90% set up.

It feels so good to be here and I’m very pleased that I pushed through and got nearly everything organised yesterday. It was absolutely exhausting but having everything in it’s place on the same day you move in is a very worthwhile exercise. Last night I was so tired that I was in bed and sound asleep by 8.30pm and slept solidly for just over 10 hours. It was bliss to be back in my queen size bed.

My bedroom is quite small but since I only need my bed in there and a bedside table it’s absolutely fine. My housemate has said I can set up an area just inside the front door as my study area and that effectively doubles my space.

This morning I got up and walked naked to the bathroom and walked back nude. When I came out of my bedroom my housemate and his partner were standing nude in the living area checking out the new view. It’ going to be a good place to live.

I just need to find a bedside table and a chair and that’ it. All set up.