It was a cold winter’s morning when I turned up at Denis’ doorstep for our photo shoot. We were keeping it really simple and photographing Denis in his own apartment, naked and relaxed.

When I got into his apartment, I was surprised to see a guy lying on the lounge tapping away at his laptop. It turns out that Denis has a very liberal household. He was quite content to do a nude photo shoot with a mate sitting on the lounge keeping an eye on things and a housemate who could have walked out at any stage and wants to do a shoot alongside Denis.

Denis then asked if it was ok if he smoked in the shoot and not an entirely legal cigarette. It’s his home and he can do what he likes so that’s how we got to a photo shoot of a hot naked Chilean smoking a joint and drinking a cup of tea.

The full download of “Smoke” is now available from my online shop along with all the previous 29 issues for sale. There is essentially no retouching done on these images apart from a bit of colour tweaking. I love the raw nature of this shoot and I hope you guys do too.