No matter how unsettled I’ve been over the past few weeks, staying at my sister’s place with all my possessions in storage, there is one thing that has become very clear to me. While I love adventure and the idea of living in a foreign country for a couple of years appeals to me very much, I could never live anywhere in a cold climate permanently.

Many years ago I was in Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Paris, Copenhagen and Stockholm in Winter. They were all beautiful but I could not get warm. Today I’m spending my last Sunday at my sister’s place and I’m freezing. I have three pairs of socks on and three layers on my top half.

If I were to live somewhere cold for a year or two it would definitely have to be somewhere that has a sauna culture or some option for being warm. Granted all the places that I would consider cold are all equipped with decent heating but I still like getting outside so I’d need somewhere to warm up. All the places that have a sauna culture also seem to be pretty good with nudity as well so that would be a bonus.