It was an unusual night for me last night but on a Thursday night I went out to see some live music and had a ball. It was great fun. At first I was thinking I was going to be one of the older people in the crowd and yes, I would definitely have been in the top 20% but was pleasantly surprised at the diversity in the crowd.

One thing happened though that made me a little scared and sad. There were three women in their 20’s next to us and in front of us was a walk way so lots of people were dancing in that walkway while the band were performing. At one point two guys in their late 20’s, maybe 30 or so, came up and inserted themselves in amongst the group, trying to flirt and dance with them. The one girl that was divided from her friends quickly moved back to the other side of the guys and back with her friends. None of them gave the guys any interest. The guys tried this with varying success with different bunches of girls over the next hour.

Sure, they didn’t persist if the women didn’t show interest but they weren’t walking up and saying hi either, instead opting to put their arm around the women and dance. Watching this kind of uninvited predatory behaviour was quite shocking. Sure I knew it went on but I really thought guys would be more intelligent and less creepy especially since all the #metoo movement.

My god women have to put up with some shit in this world. Imagine going out and having to wonder if you’ll make it home safely, every single time.