Chatting to a friend today we both have a lot of change going on. He’s trying to find some balance in his life after essentially being buried in work all year so far. Apart from seeing him briefly at Mardi Gras time, I haven’t caught up with him all year and that’s been hard.

Over the course of the conversation I realised that I need to use the fresh start of my new living arrangement to foster some new habits. My bedroom is typically quite a bomb site and it frustrates the hell out of me. So once I get set up and work out what storage etc I need and settle in, it’s time to break the habit of leaving things all over the floor.

It’s also time to sort out better eating habits and workout habits. I’m starting to annoy myself with whining about my body and how old I feel and my weight. If I’m not going to do the things I need to change it then I can’t complain about it. Put up or shut up time.

Fingers crossed sorting out my self a bit will lead to some extra confidence and that in turn might lead to an end to this sexual and/or romantic drought.