The new opportunity to ask questions in Instagram Stories has given me some suggestions on where to go in Europe next year. Now that sailing is off the table it has forced me to keep myself open t new opportunities.

Part of the appeal of sailing was covering a bunch of different places without having travel days lugging my luggage around. So what is a good alternative? A camper van! We had the exact same freedom last year in Iceland and it was great fun so I’m thinking ten to 12 days driving myself around Corsica and Sardinia will be fantastic. There are a lot of nudist camp grounds on both islands.

Another Instagram follower through a very unexpected suggestion of Slovenia and after some googling it seems like a beautiful option with some opportunities for adventure. Not sure about nudity though. I messaged a friend who is a travel agent and asked her to find good options on flights because it seems those locations are a bit awkward to get between.