One of the models I’ve released a download of threw a huge tantrum at me yesterday. He’s claiming I haven’t done the retouching he requested. I was aware that he wanted more retouching and for nearly two months have been trying to organise a time to catch up and discuss the situation because even though he has his “brand” to think of, so do I. We did photos for him and photos for me. The ones for him I have said he can do what he likes with as far as filters etc which is way more freedom than most photographers give. He wants me to do the same level of face tune etc. which I am refusing because that isn’t what I do. We discussed at the shoot that I don’t do “Hollywood” retouching.

He’s claiming that I am ignoring his requests. Bullshit. As I said, I have sent many messages on Facebook trying to discuss it with him but he hasn’t even read them so he’s the one ignoring things and throwing a tantrum because he’s not getting his way. I don’t care that he’s got nearly 40k followers on Instagram, that doesn’t mean I’m going to do what he says because he says so. He was unprofessional, turning up 45 minutes late to the shoot as well.

My question is, if you want all the photos to look the same, why not use the same photographer over and over again? You work with me to get my style. I’m not here to copy other photographers styles or retouching. The real kicker is that he didn’t pay for the shoot. It was designed to be a mutually beneficial shoot, some for him and some for me. He can get fucked if he thinks I’ll ever recommend him or work with him again. He’s not nearly the famous drawcard he thinks he is and I’m not the only photographer who has had trouble.